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Revitalize your business with India’s technical expertise, strong work ethic, and cost-effective solutions for seamless global operations

Why Hire from India?

Skilled Professionals

Cost-Effective Solutions

Global Perspective

India's Talented Individuals are Shaping the World's Future

Indians have carved an impressive path by taking the reins of some of the world’s largest companies. Here are a few remarkable examples of Indian leaders driving success on a global scale.

Sundar Pichai


Sandeep Mathrani

CEO – we work

Satya Nadella

CEO – Microsoft

Arvind Krishna


Yamini Rangan

CEO – Hubspot

Devika Bulchandani

CEO – Ogilvy

Francis DeSouza

CEO – Illumnia

Leena Nair


Jay Chaudhry

CEO – Zscaler

Anjali Sud

CEO – Vimeo

Vasant Narasimhan

CEO – Novartis

Shantanu Narayan

CEO – Adobe

Shankh Mitra

CEO – Welltower

Raj Subramaniam

CEO – FedEx

Ajei Gopal


Why Indians Excel as the Preferred Choice for Global Technology Giants


Indians showcase exceptional technical expertise, enabling them to tackle complex challenges with proficiency and skill.


Indians exhibit strong problem-solving abilities, bringing analytical thinking and innovative solutions to the table.


Indians possess cultural compatibility and effective communication skills, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient teamwork within diverse global environments.


With a vast pool of IT talent, India provides a rich resource of skilled professionals for global technology giants to tap into.


Indians display adaptability and versatility, readily embracing new technologies and staying ahead of industry trends.

Work Ethic

Known for their strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, Indians consistently deliver high-quality results and go the extra mile.

Facts at a glance

11,000 Indian professionals contribute to Microsoft’s global workforce

Tens of thousands of Indian employees work across various functions at Amazon.

Over 4,000 Indian engineers and technical professionals are part of Google

India represents a notable part of Facebook’s global workforce.

Indian professionals drive Apple’s success as key contributors to its global workforce.

Around 30% of Adobe’s employees in India are involved in research and product development.

How Reckrute is making it ridiculously easy to hire Indian Talents?

Expansive Talent Pool

Gain access to a vast and diverse network of highly skilled Indian professionals, enabling you to find the ideal candidates who meet your specific hiring requirements.

Rigorous Evaluation

Rely on Reckrute’s comprehensive screening process, including thorough background checks and meticulous skill assessments, to ensure that the Indian talents you consider are qualified, reliable, and well-suited for your organization.

Smart Talent Matching

Leverage advanced algorithms that analyze your job requirements and candidate profiles to facilitate intelligent matching, connecting you with the most compatible Indian talents based on skills, experience, cultural fit, and location preferences.

Streamlined Talent Management

Employers can seamlessly manage the hiring process, from initial communication and scheduling interviews to onboarding and ongoing performance tracking. This integrated approach simplifies the management of Indian talents, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

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Only talents who successfully undergo the AI-powered communication assessment, evaluating their reading ability, fluency of speech, writing skills, pronunciation, and speed of speech, are eligible to join our network.

Indian talents exhibit exceptional flexibility and adaptability, enabling them to seamlessly operate across various time zones. Whether it’s the US, UK, Australia, or any other region, Indian talents are readily available to cater to the specific needs of different time zones.

Certainly! It is indeed possible to hire employees in India without establishing a legal entity. In this scenario, the hiring process would involve two key agreements: one between the company and Reckrute, and another between Reckrute and the hired talent. These agreements will be structured in compliance with Indian labor laws, ensuring a legally sound arrangement for all parties involved