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We match the ideal candidate to the perfect job!

ReckRute is a recruitment and staffing agency with over 10 years in the industry. We help both large and small companies to find the right candidates in most industries and job categories.

The ReckRute difference!

As employers ourselves we have experienced the gap between good talent and ideal job roles.

Linking the two had been our greatest challenge and we know a lot of businesses feel the same. It’s that very reason that led to the inception of ReckRute. With technology-driven processes that are well defined and simple to execute ReckRute aims to ensure that career seekers find the sort of companies they want to work with and vice versa. Currently, we hire for multiple segments both in the IT and Non-IT domains. We provide personnel to businesses across the country and help our clients through the entire process until the candidate joins. We further ensure the individual works through the learning curve as well.

Why ReckRute?

The competition for the most attractive and competent candidates is tough, and a recruitment process steals valuable time and resources. In addition, it is difficult to get in touch with those who have the right experience and who can fit into the corporate culture. And what if you were to hire the wrong person and have to start the recruitment process all over again?
By entering into a partnership with ReckRute, we help you find your next employee, regardless of whether you have a long-term or short-term need, while you can focus more on your core business. 

Are you an Employer or Recruiter?

You didn’t get into recruiting to source all day. Leave sourcing to us, so you can focus on everything else. With curated batches of candidates delivered straight to your inbox, say goodbye to endless sourcing, and hello to qualified candidate pipelines. Our process, people, & passion is the foundation to our collaborative approach that drives impact in the shortest amount of time.

Are you a Job Seeker?

If you’re looking for a job, we can help you get in the door at some incredible companies. Large parts of our lives are spent in the workplace. Therefore, it is important to do something we like, in a business we thrive in. The interplay between work environment, work tasks, and our own motivation make us perform our best. At ReckRute, we focus on finding people and companies that fit well together, and we will help and guide you in your job search process.

A complete recruitment and staffing partner

ReckRute is a recruitment and staffing agency with headhunters that have over 40 years in the industry. We help both large and small companies to find the right candidates in most industries and job categories. Here are some of the categories that we cover.

Office and administration

HR manager, HR manager, HR consultant, office manager, office staff, switchboard and reception staff etc.

Accounting, payroll, finance

Controller, finance manager, accounting manager, accounting consultant, payroll employee, finance consultant etc.

Sales and support

Key Account Manager, sales manager, product manager, sales consultant, call center employee, store manager, store employee, decorators etc.



Marketing manager, product manager, digital marketer, marketing secretary, social media etc.


Storage and logistics

Purchaser, MA manager, logistics manager, logistics employee, forwarding employee, warehouse employee, terminal employee etc.


Car mechanic, car repairer, painters, tire fitter, car electrician, bus and truck mechanic, customer service, etc.



Engineer, civil engineer, construction management, CAD operator, architect, product developer, project engineer, automation, electric power etc.



Operations and networks, system development, architecture, project management, Business Intelligence, Helpdesk and support etc.



Engineer, construction worker, electrician, plumber, excavator operator, construction machine mechanic, driver etc.



Receptionist, hotel staff, waiter, canteen; self-employed and employees etc.


The Reckrute Blog

Here are some of our clients:

ReckRute has aided in training and placement of over 500+students and employees