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Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for an opportunity, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by passing the required technical assessment(s). Once completed, you’ll gain access to the communication assessment.
  2. Successfully complete the communication assessment, which may be followed by a brief internal screening session if deemed necessary.
  3. After successfully clearing both the technical and communication assessments, proceed to submit your application for the desired opportunity.

The Talent Network at Reckrutes consists of India’s top 3.5% of Tech and Marketing professionals. To ensure that your skills align with the needs of our global clients, it is essential to pass these tests as a prerequisite for joining our exclusive Network. This process enables us to promptly match you with the right client and deploy you efficiently.

In the event of not meeting the requirements in any of the assessments, you have the opportunity to reapply and become a member of the Reckrutes Talent Network after a period of two months. This time can be utilized to prepare and enhance your skills before attempting the assessments again.

Registering with us does not involve any fees or charges on your part.

At the Reckrute Talent Network, we offer a diverse range of job opportunities specifically in the tech and marketing domains. By registering with us, you gain access to a wide array of options, and we will diligently match you with the opportunity that aligns best with your skills and preferences.

Be a part of our thriving community of Indian talent and unlock exciting opportunities