What is Reckrute

Reckrute is a leading hiring platform that revolutionizes the recruitment process by connecting companies worldwide with top Indian remote talents. With its user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, Reckrute simplifies the hiring journey, allowing companies to effortlessly identify and engage with highly skilled professionals in India.


Why choose Reckrute

Unlock the advantages of recruiting proficient Indian professionals through Reckrute.

Access to Top Indian Talent

Gain access to a vast pool of highly skilled and qualified Indian professionals across various industries, ensuring you can select from the best talent available.

Faster Recruitment Processes

Experience streamlined and efficient hiring processes with Reckrute, allowing you to quickly fill crucial positions and stay ahead of the competition.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit from cost savings without compromising on talent quality, as Reckrute offers competitive salaries and provides valuable market insights to optimize your hiring budget.

Flexible Remote Workforce

Embrace the power of a flexible remote workforce by hiring motivated and experienced Indian remote talents, enabling your company to scale, adapt, and succeed in the remote work era.

Industry Expertise

Rely on Reckrute’s deep industry knowledge and expertise, as our experienced recruiters understand the unique requirements, trends, and challenges of different sectors, ensuring you find the right talent for your specific industry needs.

Extensive Screening and Evaluation

Save time and effort in the selection process with Reckrute’s comprehensive screening, assessments, and interviews that thoroughly evaluate candidates, ensuring you connect with the most suitable and qualified talent.

Quality Assurance

 Have peace of mind knowing that Reckrute prioritizes quality, as we perform rigorous credential verification, conduct reference checks, and assess language proficiency to ensure the talents we recommend are highly skilled, reliable, and capable of meeting your expectations.

Global Reach

Benefit from Reckrute’s global presence and capabilities, allowing you to hire top Indian talent regardless of your geographical location, whether you are based in the United States, Australia, Europe, or any other part of the world.

Exceptional Client Support

Enjoy personalized assistance and support throughout the hiring process with Reckrute’s dedicated client support team, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly, and you receive the guidance needed to make informed hiring decisions.

Our Rigorous Screening Procedure

Experience peace of mind with our meticulous and thorough screening process, ensuring only the most qualified individuals join our team.

Profile Evaluation and Selection

Our screening and shortlisting process involves thorough evaluation of numerous applications based on minimum criteria, professional trajectory, and comprehensive background checks.

Language Fluency Level

An AI-driven evaluation examines a candidate’s reading, writing, pronunciation, clarity, fluency, and speech rate to assess their communication skills.

Aptitude assessment

We administer a meticulously designed aptitude test to assess individuals’ reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

Technical Evaluation

We have developed an exceptionally challenging and highly advanced technical assessment to evaluate the capabilities of candidates. These role-specific tests are extremely rigorous and are designed to identify the top 10% of talent.

Panel Review

Our team of Talent Acquisition specialists conducts comprehensive video interviews to ensure the perfect match between candidates and their preferences and expectations

Every individual within our network is meticulously evaluated across essential competencies.

Expertly Vetted Talent

Reckrute provides access to talent that’s been rigorously assessed and vetted across key competencies, ensuring only the highest caliber professionals for your team.

End-to-End Service

We manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Accelerated Hiring

Our efficient processes facilitate a swift hiring timeline, allowing your team to grow and scale at an impressive speed.

Cultural Integration Support

We offer support to ensure smooth cultural integration, fostering a harmonious global team.

Focused Access to Indian Talent

Leverage our deep understanding and wide access to India’s thriving talent pool, a resource teeming with potential and innovation.

With Reckrute, hiring the top Indian remote talents becomes effortless and seamless.

Access the vast talent network, comprising over 200,000+ experts skilled in 100+ diverse skill sets.














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Download the Rate Card

To initiate the download process, kindly provide us with your specific requirements, enabling us to align with your expectations and deliver the best pricing options tailored to your needs.

Talent Categories

At Reckrute, we understand that talents are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have categorized them into three distinct groups, taking into account their level of experience, skills, professional certifications, role demand, and the complexity of responsibilities they can handle. This ensures that we can precisely match the right talent to your specific requirements.

Junior level

-Fresh and enthusiastic professionals with limited work experience.

-Eager to learn, adapt, and contribute to organizational growth.

-Bring fresh perspectives and a strong foundation in their fields.

-Ideal for nurturing and developing promising talent.


-Professionals with valuable experience and proven proficiency.

-Balanced blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and track record of results.

-Capable of taking on more significant responsibilities.

-Equipped to contribute to organizational success.

Senior level

-Seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience.

-Possess proven leadership abilities and a strategic mindset.

-Bring wealth of knowledge and track record of driving innovation.

-Ideal for critical decision-making and driving transformative initiatives.

*The pricing for specialized roles may vary based on specific requirements, roles, responsibilities, and demand.


The cost of hiring Indian talent from Reckrute decreases as you recruit more than 3 talents, and you can benefit from a 2.5% to 7% discount by paying in advance. However, please note that our rates include an additional charge if you prefer the talent to work in your local timezone due to high demand and odd-working hours for these Indian talents.

Please refer to the following discount eligibility brackets and additional rates based on geographical regions:

More than 3 members team2.5% off
More than 10 members team5% off
More than 15 members team7.5% off
More than 25 members team10% off


We offer a reduction in price if the monthly expenses are paid ahead of time or in advance, as outlined below:

Quarterly Advance Payment2.50% off
Half Yearly Advance Payment5.00% off
Yearly Advance Payment7.5% off


If you intend to recruit a team (consisting of more than three individuals), a discount will be applied.

AU / US Partial Shift (4 hours overlap with local timezone) 5% extra
AU / US Full Shif (100% working in local timezone) 10% extra

Connect with Us

Obtain precise rates by sharing the job description and additional details with us. Our team will carefully evaluate our databases and determine the appropriate budget for your specific requirements.

Book a complimentary discovery call with one of our Talent Specialists to discuss your needs and explore the best options for your organization.

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