How Does It Function?

At Reckrute, we firmly believe that matchmaking lies at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we dedicate significant time and effort to guaranteeing that the first talent we shortlist perfectly aligns with your specific requirements.

Simplifying the Indian Talent Hiring Process

Share the Job Description

To ensure effective matchmaking, it would be helpful if you could provide comprehensive details about the roles and responsibilities, essential skills, desired market experience, and budget for the positions.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to include behavioral questions to assess both technical expertise and cultural fit within your company.

The more information you provide, the more accurate and successful the matchmaking process will be.

Review & Shortlist the Matches

We will be providing you with the most suitable profile(s) for review and consideration in the coming days. To proceed with scheduling interviews, please select the preferred time slots from the shortlisted candidates we provide.

Occasionally, certain roles and skills may not be readily available. In such cases, we will allocate additional time and resources to actively search for candidates who meet your requirements.

When receiving a hiring request, we encounter three different scenarios in terms of matching candidates:

Interview & Hire

By thoroughly evaluating each candidate’s communication skills, technical capabilities, and more, we eliminate the need for guesswork and significantly decrease the likelihood of making a wrong hire. 

This streamlined process ensures that even non-technical managers and interviewers can confidently assess candidates primarily based on their VIBE check.

Onboarding & Managing

Once the talent is confirmed, we take care of all the necessary legalities and contract with the talent to ensure a seamless onboarding process. Our team also provides ongoing support to manage the talent effectively.

At Reckrute, we go the extra mile by assigning a talent success coach who works closely with both the client and the talent. Their primary focus is to ensure a top-notch engagement between the two parties, fostering a productive and successful partnership.

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