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How to ask questions at the job interview

It can seem a little scary to ask questions to the recruiter yourself, and not least to ask the right question

Do you have any questions for me? If you have been to a job interview, you have most likely been asked that question. Although one usually gets this question during the interview, there are many job seekers who are not prepared for it.

It can seem a little scary to ask questions to the recruiter yourself, and not least to ask the right questions. It is not uncommon for you as a job seeker to experience that you are being put to the test, but rather look at it as a golden opportunity to find out if this is a company that is suitable for you to work for. Here are some questions you can ask to learn more about everything from corporate culture and working hours to your potential team and future work assignments.

Can you describe a normal working day in this position?

Asking what a typical workday looks like for the current position is a great way to find out if the role and work tasks are something you will enjoy doing every day. If the interviewer answers that no two days are the same, you can ask what most of the time is spent on and how the work tasks are distributed over a normal month.

What have former employees in this position done that is good?

Recruiters look for people with great commitment and willingness to make a good effort. By asking this question, you show initiative and desire to do your best at work. The answer gives you an idea of ​​what it takes to succeed in the role, which can give you a concrete goal to work towards.

What is measured in this role?

This question will help you understand what you are being followed up on and what to prioritize. You get answers on which areas of responsibility are important and whether it is in line with what you yourself want to focus on in a new role.

Can you tell us a little about the corporate culture and values?

You may have read up on this via the company’s website? Now you can get a little more information about your company’s culture and find out if it fits with your values. For many, this is an important parameter when choosing an employer. By understanding a potential employer’s core values, you can more easily assess how well you will thrive in the job. The answer can give an indication of how the company treats its employees, whether they have a good balance between work and leisure, as well as any other benefits.

What do you think is best about working in this company?

This is a very good question. For example, it can give you valuable information about how the mood in the company is, or how the leader is perceived. People who like their job have no problem talking about it. It is clearly shown when they are sincere. If the interviewer has difficulty answering or responds automatically, it may be a bad sign.

Can you tell me a little about the team I will be working with?

You have to work with these people daily, so it’s a good idea to know a little about the dynamics of the team. How do they work together and what does the division of labor look like? This can say a lot about the structure of the team and about your place in the group.

Who will I collaborate with the most?

This question digs deeper into the most important working relationships you will have in this role. Who can you ask for help? Who should you collaborate with the most? This is also a great opportunity to find out how the start-up takes place. Do they have a mentoring scheme or an onboarding program where someone helps you get into the role and into the business? A well-thought-out introductory plan often signals a well-organized company with teams that work well together.

The interview is not just about assessing you – it is also an opportunity for you to assess a potential employer. Think about what is important to you in a job and ask questions related to it. That way, it will be easier to find a position that suits you.

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