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Hire diverse and top talent faster.

Spend lesser time sourcing with more candidates in your pipeline.

Competence-based recruitment

A recruitment process often starts with us together with you as a customer identifying which personal qualities and competencies are important for the position. Competence, formal qualifications and technical competence then form the requirements profile that runs as a common thread throughout the recruitment process. During the recruitment process, you will receive ongoing information about how we are doing and you decide for yourself how involved you want to be in the process. You as a customer of course have full insight into the recruitment process to be able to participate and influence the end result.


Digital recruitment

Reckrute’s recruitment process is structured in such a way that it can easily be done digitally. A digital recruitment process guarantees the same quality as a recruitment process where the recruiter and candidate meet physically.


How our TSxT framework helps to ensure our clients get the best results:

We begin our collaboration by discussing the most important requirements for the position. The meeting can be digital and all necessary documents can be shared both before or during the meeting.